Ready to Unlock the Frequency of

Heaven on Earth?

“It is when we embody our Soul Blueprint
that we unlock the frequency of Heaven on Earth.”

Sabriyé Dubrie

The School of Soul Embodiment offers personal and professional online programs to come into Soul Embodiment or to become a Soul Embodiment Therapist.

When we heal the wounded and fragmented ego across the three timelines of the past; childhood, ancestral and past life we reclaim the wholeness that is ours by Divine Right on a soul level. Whether we are aware of it or not, as a human race we are all living out our subconscious wounding instead of who we really are on a soul level. We just need to look at the state of the world to know that this is true.

Through the teachings of the School of Soul Embodiment, we offer a step-by-step process for everyone who is ready to do the inner work needed to heal the wounded ego and bring back the fragmented pieces of the ‘self’ lost in other timelines. This inner work restores our Divine Blueprint that has always remained immaculate within the soul realm so that it can be embodied within the physical world, creating as above, so below.

Only when we get the wounded ego to stop playing tug of war with the soul can we truly embody our soul essence. This aligns us with all that is ours by Divine Right. There is a Divine Selection in everything that is truly meant for us, whether that is our purpose, love, money, health, happiness, and so on. This Divine Selection is part of the Divine Plan that our soul scripted for us, to support our relatively brief experience in the physical world.

It’s when we are fully living in accordance with our Divine Plan, that we manifest Heaven on Earth.

Unlock the Frequency of Heaven on Earth

Find all the resources you need to heal yourself and the world on a soul path level. Soul Embodiment is the next step in our human evolution. We offer various services and programs that help you come into Soul Embodiment or teach you how to facilitate others in this process through the Soul Embodiment® Therapy Certification program.

The Inner Healing Circle

The community for the Spiritual 1% ready to dive deep into their subconscious to unlock the frequency of Heaven on Earth and take their manifesting skills to the Soul level.

Get Instant Free Access to revolutionary teachings on psychology sourced from the soul to help us heal the wounded ego and reclaim our wholeness both on a Soul path as well as a current incarnation level. The Inner Healing Circle offers you New Paradigm Spiritual teachings on Healing the subconscious, Soul Embodiment, Ascension, 5D or Heaven on Earth, Past Lives, Law of Attraction, Soul Partnerships, and more!

Soul Embodiment® Therapy

Experience the powerful transformation of Soul Embodiment® Therapy for yourself. Dive deep into your subconscious mind and past lives to release the lifelong psychological patterns and subconscious programming that have been holding you back. Discover how your experiences on a Soul path level are connected to both your childhood and ancestral lineages. Soul Embodiment® Therapy helps you find and heal the root cause of your issues in often as little as one single session.

Coming into Oneness

Heal The Separation Between The Ego And The Soul To Be Able To Fully Embody Who You Are On A Soul Level. Coming into Oneness Is A 12-month Profoundly Transformational Group Experience Where We Heal The Separation Between Your Ego And Your Soul, Unlock Your Divine Design, Quantum Leap Into The Frequency Of Heaven On Earth, And Become A Vibrational Match For All That Is Yours By Divine Right!


Become a Soul Embodiment Therapist!

Soul Embodiment® Therapy is a revolutionary healing method with which you can heal past lives, inner child wounds, ancestral wounding and understand how all three timelines of the past are in fact interconnected and do not stand on their own.

Rather than look at who you are merely on a current incarnation level, you are able to look at your life from a soul path level which shows us how your deeper psychological patterns and subconscious programming were created.

Healing on a soul path level allows you to heal money, love, relationships, vocation, and all other areas of your life at the root cause, creating life-altering transformations in often as little as one single session.

6-Mth Professional Training

Learn the revolutionary method that heals psychological patterns & subconscious programming on a Soul path level.

6-Mth Certification

Become a certified Soul Embodiment® Therapist & work with clients worldwide using this groundbreaking process.

Mastermind Group

A hybrid professional training, business mastermind, & personal healing experience that is life-changing.

Bonus Business Course

An 8-week online course to set up the foundation & the systems you need to create a six-figure or more online business.

Laura Mullis

“I was so impressed with her work that I enrolled in her Soul Embodiment® Therapy Certification program and I am finding it brings radical shifts to the people I am honored to help heal. Thank you Sabriye for trusting your intuition, doing your own work and bringing this gift of Soul Embodiment® Therapy to the World.”

— Laura Mullis, LCSW, CAADC