Soul Embodiment® Therapy
Certification Program

Become a certified Soul Embodiment Therapist!

Bring in Heaven on Earth and Explore the Endless Possibilities of Life as a Soul Embodiment Therapist. Add a Revolutionary Healing modality to Your Work as a Therapist, or Start a New Chapter in Your Life by Switching to a potentially life-changing career as a Healer.

Soul Embodiment® Therapy is a revolutionary healing method with which you can heal past lives, inner child wounds, ancestral wounding and understand how all three timelines of the past are in fact interconnected and do not stand on their own.

Rather than look at who you are merely on a current incarnation level, you are able to look at your life from a soul path level which shows us how your deeper psychological patterns and subconscious programming were created. Soul Embodiment® Therapy is one of the deepest levels of trauma & karma healing available to us now. It’s through healing the subconscious wounds within the three timelines of the past that we can fully embody who we are on a soul level.

Healing on a soul path level allows you to heal money, love, relationships, vocation, and all other areas of your life at the root cause, creating life-altering transformations in often as little as one single session.

6-Mth Professional Training

Learn the revolutionary method that heals psychological patterns & subconscious programming on a Soul path level.

6-Mth Certification

Become a certified Soul Embodiment® Therapist & work with clients worldwide using this groundbreaking process.

Mastermind Group

A hybrid professional training, business mastermind, & personal healing experience that is life-changing.

Bonus Business Course

An 8-week online course to set up the foundation & the systems you need to create a six-figure or more online business.

Laura Mullis

“The Soul Embodiment® Therapy certification program has been life-changing in so many ways. Sabriyé has a way of teaching in a way that it seems like she is reawakening what you already know on a subconscious level. She provides simple step-by-step instructions to fully do a Soul Embodiment Therapy session and provides support in the moments when you may doubt yourself. This was important because as someone who had no prior experience this was reassuring. Prior to the program, I had no experience working with anyone in regard to healing. Now I’m receiving amazing feedback from those that work with me individually.”

— Superior Shanice, United States

Heal psychological patterns and subconscious programming at the root cause

There are deeper roots to the psychological patterns and subconscious programming that you experience in your life, that are connected to your soul’s journey throughout your multiple previous incarnations, the ancestral lineage you chose to be born into, as well as the unresolved trauma and pain you carry from your current life childhood that you’re often not even aware of.

All these past experiences have been imprinted in an all-pervading field in the ether called the akasha.

To truly heal our psychological patterns and subconscious programming we have to go back to the original timeline in which they were created. This is possible when we work in the quantum field of the akasha, where all the records of our soul journey are held.

Our unresolved pain from these past life timelines creates our current-day reality experiences, by pulling in the people, situations, and experiences needed to heal them. Through the Akashic Records, we can pull up the wounding subconsciously being played out in one’s life and create the understanding and closure necessary to move forward.

This not only brings deep healing of the ‘self’ but also deep healing into the relationship with others such as parents, siblings, partners, friendships that have gone sour, difficult work relationships, painful trauma bonds with abusers, and so on.

Soul Embodiment® Therapy allows us to heal the wounded ego, which simultaneously heals the separation between the ego and the soul. This makes it an invaluable tool in the transition from 3D to 5D, also known as the Ascension or awakening process. Through the Soul Embodiment® Therapy method, we heal the wounded ego which allows us to fully embody who we are on a soul level and unlock the frequency of Heaven on Earth.

Laura Mullis

“This program is truly a gem…!
Since starting the process of learning this healing method from Sabriyé, there have been so many synchronicities, so many aha-moments and my own healing journey has taken massive leaps.​”

— Jasmijn de Graaf, New Zealand

Five Reasons to Join our growing community of Soul Embodiment Therapists worldwide

01. Help Clients Achieve Life-Changing Results

Because Soul Embodiment® Therapy addresses the root cause of one’s issues, there’s no need for complicated, drawn-out, or painful therapy sessions that go on and on. Often in as little as one single session, deep subconscious patterns can be healed once and for all.

02. No Prior Training or Experience is Required

There is nothing stopping you from making your life-calling come true. Many of our therapists had no prior experience or training. You only need passion, empathy, and a deep sense of calling; we teach you the rest.

03. Live The Life You Want To Live

Be your own boss, work when you want and from where you want, no more being stuck in traffic. You can work from the comfort of your own home, during the hours you want to work and be flexible to combine your business with family or other commitments.

04. Turn Your Soul Gifts Into Profit

Wake up each day to a meaningful, purpose-filled life & business that you love and that has the potential to fund the lifestyle you love. You can be of service and make your own dreams come true.

05. Help Bring In The New Earth

Join a movement that’s helping to bring in the New Earth. The more people that embody their soul essence, the quicker we bring in the frequency of Heaven on Earth and the Golden Age we are here to help usher in. Can you imagine a purpose greater than that?

“Most people do not benefit from psychoanalysis
because the trauma lies not in this life but in a past life.”

Alexander Cannon, British psychiatrist

Client results

Soul Embodiment® Therapy works to help clients find the root cause on a soul path level to their current life struggles. When we heal the root cause, it heals all consecutive timelines in which these wounds continue to be played out in an attempt to heal them once and for all.

In the Soul Embodiment® Therapy sessions, we address unresolved pain and trauma, such as:

Money struggles

Self-worth & Self-esteem

Glass ceiling and income plateaus

Healing narcissistic relationships

Absent or emotionally unavailable father

Mother wound

Inner child wounding

Ancestral or transgenerational trauma

Soul legacy wound

Visibility struggles

Getting off the victim triangle

"Bad luck' in love relationships

Overcoming the loss of a child, birth & abortion trauma

Self-love & Self-forgiveness

Healing sexual abuse

Abandonment & rejection wounds

Overcoming fears & phobias

Twin Flame & Soul mate relationships

Not getting promoted

Imposter syndrome

Releasing Survivor's Guilt

Incarnation wounding

Past life oaths and vows of celibacy and poverty

Codependency and stepping into your power

Soul retrieval

Unresolved karma from past lives

Sibling rivalry

Sisterhood wound

Your relationship with your soul and the Divine


Inability or difficulty to receive


Laura Mullis
“… For me, this process has been about so much more than learning a healing modality. It’s been about me taking a journey back to self, facing my fears and the things that have been holding me back for many cycles. Soul Embodiment® Therapy has been part of the foundation that I needed to really start to piece together what I came here to do on a soul level.​”

—Erin Cockrell, United States

Soul Embodiment® Therapy Certification

The Soul Embodiment® Therapy Certification Program is based on a healing method developed by Sabriyé Dubrie, with which she has helped well over a thousand clients in the past 7+ years heal deep psychological patterns and subconscious programming on a soul path level through working in the quantum field of the Akasha (the chronicles of the Soul).

This healing method is so powerful that it can create the same results in one session, that clients generally attain in multiple sessions using various other healing modalities. What makes Soul Embodiment® Therapy different from other Akashic Record modalities, is that within the Soul Embodiment® Therapy modality we don’t read the Akashic Records for our clients. Instead, we set up an energetic vortex that allows the clients to access their records themselves, which reprograms the subconscious mind in real-time. Being able to access the records firsthand also allows the client to release stuck emotions and unresolved pain on a deep cellular level.

In the Soul Embodiment® Therapy Certification Program, Sabriyé teaches you how to use this healing modality in your existing healing or therapy practice. However, you don’t need to already need to be a healer or a therapist, Soul Embodiment® Therapy is a comprehensive healing method that can be used on its own.

Modules & Masterclasses

Module One

Guiding principles
of the Akasha

What is the Akasha? What are the guiding spiritual principles while working in the Akasha? Learning the difference between the ego and the soul perspective.

Module Two

Entering and exiting the Akashic Records

Learn how to open and close the Akashic Records. We will also discuss how to troubleshoot clients not being able to enter their Akashic library.

Module Three

Working inside
the Akasha Records

How to work in the Akashic Records, how to access specific records, and troubleshooting clients not being able to access their records.


Healing Past Life Trauma

Healing past life trauma and how to find the original wounding that creates karmic loops being played out over and over again over lifetimes and lifetimes.


Healing Inner Child Trauma across all timelines

Understanding current life childhood trauma from the soul’s perspective and healing past life childhood trauma, that is still being held as ‘inner child’ wounding today.


Identifying and Healing Ancestral Trauma

How to use the Akashic Records to find and heal ancestral trauma and understand the connection between past life karma and ancestral wounding.


Various Types of Trauma Wounding

Learn how to recognize the various types of trauma wounding including the incarnation wound, ther mother wound, etc. Plus learn how to recognize and support a client in the process of soul retrieval and more.

Bonus Business Course

Absolute Healing Alchemy: Building Your Online Empire

A comprehensive eight-week online course to help you set up the foundation and the systems you need to create a six-figure or more online healing, therapeutic, or coaching business.

Laura Mullis

“The Soul Embodiment® Therapy training is a deep program that keeps unfolding long after you learn the basics. The more you work with this method, the more magical things keep unfolding in your life and in the life of your clients. The depth of the shifts I’ve experienced and witnessed have been immense and beyond amazing. Watching as someone accesses their deepest wounds and release their inhibitions is an amazing and satisfying experience.​”

— Cindy Peters, United States

Who is this program for?

Existing therapists, healers, energy workers, and those interested in working professionally with Soul Embodiment® Therapy in their practice. Those who want to become a healer (but don’t have a healing practice yet) and want to use Soul Embodiment® Therapy as a healing modality for their work with future clients. No prior experience or training is needed. We teach you all you need to know.

How is the program structured?

  • 7  online Q&A sessions over Zoom that will be recorded
  • 7  written modules & 4 masterclasses diving deep into the Soul Embodiment® Therapy method
  • A private mastermind group to connect with each other
  • Demo sessions to learn how to navigate clients past their defense, protection & survival mechanisms
  • 12+ Guided group sessions and peer practice sessions
  • A bonus 8-week online business course to help you set up the foundation and the systems you need to create a six-figure or more online business.

Start date program

  • January 11th 2024
  • Duration 6 months plus 6 months to certify (12 months total)
  • Online Classes will be given on Zoom at 20:00 PM CET/ 19:00 PM UK
  • Replays will be available

We recommend Soul Embodiment Therapists to charge at least €300 per Soul Embodiment Therapy session and we have graduates charging anywhere from €300 to €25K per package. The return on investment for the deep healing of your own Soul path wounding that takes place during the training, the transformational skill set you are taught in order to take your clients deeper than they have ever gone before and the business metamorphosis you get from this program are priceless. This is hands down the best investment you can make in yourself and your business.


Soul Embodiment® Therapy Certification program


Payment plan available

Soul Embodiment® Therapy Certification VIP package


Payment plan available

* VIP package includes 4 private one-on-one Soul Embodiment® Therapy sessions with Sabriyé Dubrie.

Laura Mullis

“Sabriye was able to take me to depths of healing no one else has reached. I worked with Sabriye using the Soul Embodiment® Therapy method to help understand my soul’s story and the root of the continued pattern of martyrdom in my life.[…] I was so impressed with her work that I enrolled in her Soul Embodiment® Therapy Certification program and I am finding it brings radical shifts to the people I am honored to help heal. Thank you Sabriye for trusting your intuition, doing your own work and bringing this gift of Soul Embodiment® Therapy to the World.”

— Laura Mullis, LCSW, CAADC


How does Soul Embodiment® Therapy work?

Working within the Akashic Records allows us to address our current life struggles at the root cause on a soul path level, this is deeper than the root cause on an incarnation level which is where most healing and therapeutic modalities stop. Within the Soul Embodiment® Therapy we work directly within the causal body which is where we store our karmic templates that we carry with us from lifetime to lifetime. The causal body, is also where we hold our sense of separateness. All healing we do in this energetic field not only has a positive impact on our physical life experience, it accelerates our soul evolution.

What is Soul Embodiment® Therapy used for?

Soul Embodiment® Therapy is a revolutionary comprehensive healing modality with which we heal the wounded ego, or our sense of ‘self’ across all three timelines of the past; our past childhood, our ancestral lineages and our past lives. Once the ego is healed, it merges back into Oneness with the soul. It’s in this state that we unlock the frequency of Heaven on Earth. Because the Soul Embodiment® Therapy method realigns us to our own soul path, we reap the benefits of this work both in the physical as well as on a soul level.

How is Soul Embodiment® Therapy different from past life regression?

Although both healing modalities work with past lives, Soul Embodiment® Therapy is different from past life regression because within the Soul Embodiment® Therapy method, we don’t focus on the individual past life experience. Instead, we focus on finding the original wound. Many lifetimes are a repetition of the same themes and the same struggles being played out over and over again. Instead of dwelling on those individual past lives, we find the original wound that started the pattern that we have been repeating over lifetimes and lifetimes. When we find the original wound it heals all repetitions of the same theme or struggle throughout all timelines. It is literally as if you pluck the pattern out by the root.

Is a Soul Embodiment Therapist the same as someone who reads the Akashic Records?

No, within the Soul Embodiment® Therapy method we do not read the Akashic Records for our clients. We open up an energetic vortex that allows the client to access their records themselves. Through being able to experience the information within the Akashic Records first hand, the healing goes much deeper than when we receive the information filtered through someone else’s beliefsystems and level of understanding. There’s a much deeper understanding within the client when they experience their records directly, that one cannot get from their records being read by someone else.

What is the difference between Soul Embodiment® Therapy and hypnotherapy?

Although clients tend to go into a light trance state which they can easily wake themselves out of, Soul Embodiment® Therapy is quite different from hypnotherapy. With hypnotherapy the emphasis lies on reprogramming the subconscious mind with new more positive beliefs that the client is more susceptible to because of being under hypnosis. Within the Soul Embodiment® Therapy method through seeing the original wound for what really happened as opposed to what we interpreted it as at that time, the reprogramming can take place instantly. Once we see the truth, we cannot unsee it and because of this the memory gets stored away from this new perspective often bringing about deep transformation in as little as one session.

In what ways is Soul Embodiment® Therapy different from other trauma therapies?

What really sets the Soul Embodiment® Therapy method apart from other trauma therapies is addressing the root cause on a soul path level, as well as gently helping clients release stuck emotions and unresolved pain that they carry within their energy field without realizing it. Carl Jung said that “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Through the Soul Embodiment® Therapy method that is what we focus on when we search for the original wound, because it is the unresolved energy from the original wound that is subconsciously pulling in the people, situations and experiences that are a vibrational match to the subconscious unresolved pain.

What are the certification requirements?

In order to qualify for becoming a certified Soul Embodiment Therapist, we have a guided certification process that you must complete and that we will support you in.

To certify you need to:

  • Work with 4 clients male and female
  • Do three sessions with each client
  • Make a written case study per client
  • Have 21+ Soul Embodiment® Therapy session hours this can include practice sessions and case study clients
  • Final assessment with Sabriyé Dubrie