What my students say about my programs

“Soul Embodiment Therapy (SET) has helped me in three profound ways. First of all, in my personal healing journey, where I struggled with unresolved trauma. Looking back, I was a typical example of the rigid inner feminine archetype even though I presented as very feminine, much of my behavior was more masculine. This caused internal struggles within myself, but also with the outside world, which often didn’t understand me. The sessions I did with Sabriyé helped me heal my own unresolved trauma. I also learned that the experiences in my current life are connected to my past lives. That current life trauma is an entry point to healing our deeper trauma beyond this lifetime, where we can access the root cause of all our trauma.

Healing my own trauma helped me personally, but also professionally. This is the second way that SET has been and continues to be valuable to me. As a Master Coach, I no longer get triggered by my own stuff, this allows me to be a much clearer mirror for my coachees. I have become so much more effective as a coach.

The third way that SET has helped me is that during my coaching sessions, I started to recognize the unresolved trauma that my clients are carrying. As a coach, we can’t address this trauma that is interfering in the client’s life, because there are limits to coaching. However, as a SET therapist, I can work with any upcoming trauma that presents itself in my sessions with clients and I now combine my coaching with the SET method. Of course, always with my client’s consent. SET is an enrichment of my life, both personally as well as professionally.”

Titia de Vries, the Netherlands

“Coming into the Soul Embodiment® Therapy certification training, I didn’t know what to expect. I was so afraid to answer the call and take that first step outside of my comfort zone. I’m so glad that I did not allow fear to stop me. Not only did taking that step spark such a deep transformative and healing process within, I also have gained so much wisdom about myself and my inner journey. I’ve always been a very introverted person so I never expected to establish connections with other women in the group like I have. Where we simply just check on one another from time to time to exchange our support and love during our individual journeys. I think sisterhood can be so powerful and sometimes just knowing that other women understand, value and respect your energy makes every bit of difference. For me, this process has been about so much more than learning a healing modality. It’s been about me taking a journey back to self, facing my fears and the things that have been holding me back for many cycles. The Soul Embodiment® Therapy certification training has been part of the foundation that I needed to really start to piece together what I came here to do on a soul level. As I continue to heal and grow, I am so grateful for the space that Sabriyé provided during all of this. She never rushed my process and I appreciate that so much. I honestly can’t wait to work my own personal ‘magick’ with the Soul Embodiment® Therapy method. I also can’t wait to share my gifts and messages with the individuals led to work with me when that time comes.

“This is true alchemy — the transformation of fear into LOVE…”

Thank you, Sabriyé!”

Erin Cockrell
“The Soul Embodiment® Therapy certification program has been life-changing in so many ways. Sabriyé has a way of teaching in a way that it seems like she is reawakening what you already know on a subconscious level. She provides simple step-by-step instructions to fully do an Soul Embodiment® Therapy session and provide support in the moments where you may doubt yourself. This was important because as someone who had no prior experience this was reassuring. Prior to the program, I had no experience working with anyone in regard to healing. Now I’m receiving amazing feedback from those that work with me individually. Although I knew I was being called to step into my role as a healer I wasn’t sure how. Soul Embodiment® Therapy showed up when I was ready. This program has given me a skill to help assist others on their healing journey which I don’t take for granted. The individuals in the course are so supportive and encouraging as well. I was among a group of individuals that knew nothing about working with the Akashic Records. We had normal jobs not related to the healing arts. However, the transformation that I witnessed in everyone proved how impactful this program is.

Going through this program has also helped me overcome feeling like an imposter. I now feel more confident in sharing my gifts with my family and the world. I’ve been in the spiritual closet for years. My money has even increased as a result of working on my self-worth in the Akasha. If you feel called to take this program do it. I’m more than convinced that anyone drawn to this program is being led by their soul to unlock a new level of healing and gain so much knowledge.”

Superior Shanice

“Sabriyé has guided me on my journey for several years and her teachings are always helpful, but none has been as powerful as the recent shift that came in a module of Coming into Oneness. It revealed how my position as the golden child of my parents, counterintuitive as it sounds, was a form of wounding. Sabriyé’s teaching released me from a lifetime of trying to be perfect, fear of not achieving that high standard and the exhausting task of maintaining a facade of perfection that hid my true self. Thank you once again, Sabriyé, for your continued guidance. ”

Patty C.

“I was so impressed with her work that I enrolled in her Soul Embodiment® Therapy Method Certification program and I am finding it brings radical shifts to the people I am honored to help heal. Thank you Sabriyé for trusting your intuition, doing your own work and bringing this gift of Soul Embodiment® Therapy to the World.”

Laura Mullis

“This program is truly a gem…!
Since starting the process of learning this healing method from Sabriyé, there have been so many synchronicities, so many aha-moments and my own healing journey has taken massive leaps.”

Jasmijn de Graaf
“Sabriyé was able to take me to depths of healing no one else has reached.

I worked with Sabriyé using Soul Embodiment® Therapy to help understand my soul’s story and the root of the continued pattern of martyrdom in my life. In 3 sessions we were able to piece together my entire soul story (the details of which I could not have imagined) and fully understand exactly why I have been caught in a pattern of sacrificing myself to save others.

After our work I felt a radical shift in the martyrdom pattern and now have the ability to recognize the pattern when it surfaces and have the power to choose not to engage in it. I am so grateful for Sabriyé, the Soul Embodiment® Therapy Method and the space she holds. She is such an intuitive, patient and amazing healer. I was so impressed with her work that I enrolled in her Soul Embodiment® Therapy program and I am finding it brings radical shifts to the people I am honored to help heal. Thank you Sabriyé for trusting your intuition, doing your own work and bringing this gift of Soul Embodiment® Therapy to the World.”

Laura Mullis

“The Soul Embodiment® Therapy training is a deep program that keeps unfolding long after you learn the basics. The more you work with this method, the more magical things keep unfolding in your life and in the life of your clients. The depth of the shifts I’ve experienced and witnessed have been immense and beyond amazing. Watching as someone accesses their deepest wounds and release their inhibitions is an amazing and satisfying experience. Lives are changed in beautiful ways! I see this type of healing as essential to the changing and healing of our Earth and I can’t wait to reach more people!”

Cindy Peters