Learning Agreement

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Terms & Conditions – © School of Soul Embodiment

The School of Soul Embodiment (SSE) undertakes to:

  • Provide training in safe and accessible premises online and offline.
  • Provide training in an environment free from bias and discrimination and treat students with respect and equity.
  • Provide opportunities to comment on the service provided, including access to a prompt and responsive complaints procedure.
  • Make every effort to ensure that, when any learning takes place, the specific needs of individuals are taken into account.
  • Ensure that feedback on requested written assignments is provided promptly and returned in person, by email, by postal services or Airmail (overseas).
  • Supply Certificates at the conclusion of a successful outcome of the certification process and fulfillment of all the certification requirements/

Students Accept That:

  • By accepting this learning agreement, you understand that written assignments are requested so that your progress and understanding can be monitored and suitable guidance and/or additional learning support be provided.
  • Your behavior, conduct, and appearance will remain at a professional standard when attending a course and while at training venue.
    In deciding to enroll in a course with SSE, you have considered the implications of cost, time, commitment, lifestyle, ability, potential, and career direction.
  • You need to attend class, complete assignments, ask for help when needed, and make a genuine effort to learn. It is your responsibility to notify course tutors of any difficulties or advise of any circumstances which may affect your studies.
  • The use by students of their own audio/video recording devices is not allowed in class and printed materials may not be reproduced without the formal written consent of SSE.
  • All written and electronic materials become the intellectual property of SSE.
  • The School of Soul Embodiment may need to contact you (and/or your employer/sponsor if fees are not paid personally) with regard to issues such as attendance, conduct, progress, etc. Such communication may be by telephone, letter, email, or other appropriate means.
  • Because circumstances change, SSE accepts no liability for the accuracy or otherwise of statements appearing in school materials nor will the school be responsible for any detriment suffered in reliance on them e.g. you should check with any professional organization that you wish to progress onto that the training/qualifications obtained through SSE meet their specific entry requirements.
  • SSE may not be able to provide the services or training outlined in school materials under a range of circumstances, including long-term illness of specialist tutors; industrial action; severe weather conditions; or any circumstances which may affect the Health and Safety of staff or students. In such circumstances, SSE will endeavor to provide a replacement venue/course.
  • The graduate’s details may be shown on the online graduate listing page. You may request amendments or removal by completing the appropriate form.
  • Use of the Akasha Quantum Soul Healing® trademark and/or tradename is permitted only by those who are legally licensed to do so.


We, The School of Soul Embodiment, will do our very best to ensure that all our students have a successful and enjoyable experience. This learning agreement reinforces our commitment to continuous improvement in our work.  We recognize, however, that sometimes problems arise and we aim to resolve disputes, misunderstandings, and complaints promptly, fairly, efficiently, and effectively.  Verbal grievances/complaints will be logged in the same way as formal complaints received.  The school reviews these procedures annually, along with our course content, delivery, and materials and we recognize that complaints can be used to improve our performance.

All tutors are expected to treat legitimate complaints seriously, with due confidentiality where appropriate, recognizing that other tutors and/or students may need to be consulted to resolve the matter.  We aim to resolve all issues amicably in as speedy and as full a resolution as is practicable, with the following procedure:

  • Should a student wish to make a complaint or raise a grievance he/she should first discuss the matter with a tutor and attempts should be made to resolve the matter.
  • If the matter remains unresolved the student should put the grievance or complaint in writing to the Director of the School of Soul Embodiment.
  • The Director will investigate the matter and take steps to resolve the issues.  A written reply will be made within ten working days of receipt of the complaint or grievance.  If it is not possible to complete the investigation within ten working days the student will be informed in writing and a new deadline will be given.


All fees must be paid by the deadlines stated or training, attendance, and written material may be lost or prevented.
Payment of fees does not constitute acceptance of the contract. The appropriate forms must be completed, and any documentary evidence required must be provided where required/requested.

Payment plans for the school fee to be paid in monthly installments have to be completely fulfilled to pass or certify. Payment plans that are not honored are passed on to a debt collection agency.

This constitutes a learning agreement between the student and The School of Soul Embodiment and may be amended by additional signed papers. Applying to enroll in a course signifies acceptance of the above and our Privacy Policy.